Nissan introduced the “Nissan Intelligent Factory”

Nissan introduced the “Nissan Intelligent Factory”

November 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan Motor Company Announced Nissan Intelligent Factory Concept

Innovative production technologies that are used to create next-generation cars based on this concept will be introduced at manufacturing enterprises in Japan and abroad. Until now, Nissan has worked to improve the quality and efficiency of production processes through various tasks and improvement measures at the production site, and has also achieved high-precision car production using the highly qualified Takumi technology, the brand’s press service said.

“The business environment that surrounds us is not limited to declining birth rates and aging populations, especially in Japan. Faced with competition, it is time to move away from the traditional labor-intensive production, which effectively contributes to mass production. With this expectation, Nissan will continue to work on further innovations in production technology, and the highly qualified Takumi, who supported Nissan’s production, will also solve new problems, ” – said Hideyuki Sakamoto, vice president of production.

The main innovations in production are as follows: the robot will be able to install any type of power plants in the assembled cars, whether it is an internal combustion engine or an electric motor; also managed to automate the process of applying a sealant on the door; Nissan Intelligent Factory also contributes to environmental protection, which is why a special water-based paint was developed that allowed for low-temperature body painting.

New technologies have already been introduced in the Japanese factory in Tochigi. Nissan plans to invest another 33 billion yen, after which it will launch the Nissan Intelligent Factory at other plants in Japan and abroad.