Nissan introduced the new Serena minivan

Nissan introduced the new Serena minivan

July 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

With the fifth generation Nissan Serena, the world community met three years ago. Now this Japanese minivan waited for a noticeable update.

In the list of the most popular cars in Japan in 2018, Nissan Serena ranked fourth with a result of 99,865 units sold (growth in demand for the model exceeded 18 percent). It is expected that the “refreshed” minivan will enjoy even more interest from local motorists. For the most affordable Nissan Serena in the home market, models today are asking for 2,440,800 yen.

The new minivan V-Motion grille is now made in the spirit of the top-end version of Highway Star and includes seven rows and columns of chrome strip. But the manufacturer left the optics two-tier. And it doesn’t attract as much attention as, say, an aggressive Toyota Alphard front bumper.

“Grown up” lanterns slid below the guide for the sliding door, and the graphics became much more colorful. The new bumper is now reminiscent of the footboard, and the palette of colors for the body has become richer in two colors – “Sunrise Orange” and “Dark Metal Gray”. The interior of the Serena minivan in Nissan was left unchanged, as was the engine range.

Thus, the base hybrid gets a two-liter petrol four-cylinder with a power of 150 hp, an electric motor for 1.9 kW and a variator. Another available option is the e-Power system, where the 84-hp ICE for 1.2 liters acts as a generator, and the traction motor produces 100 kW and 136 horsepower. On sale updated Nissan Serena will appear until the end of summer.