Nissan introduced the new concept Kicks Surf Concept with integrated shower

Nissan introduced the new concept Kicks Surf Concept with integrated shower

February 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company decided to actively develop among the youth target audience and presented the concept of a possible modification. The model received special options for surfing and a good beach holiday.

The Nissan Kicks may be one of the best deals in the entry level crossover segment. It is aimed primarily at young people, and the new Kicks Surf concept is intended to prove that you do not need an expensive, high-tech car to have fun and engage in hobbies.

 As the name implies, the concept is designed for “those who are looking for the perfect wave,” or for people who are active and enjoy surfing. Nissan noted that he had installed a roof rack for surfboards, a rear platform for wetsuits and various accessories. Even more interesting, the car has a portable shower system and a waterproof bracelet, which is a non-contact key.

 Cool concept was developed with the participation of the brothers Alejo and Santiago Muniz, who are surfing champions competing for Brazil and Argentina, respectively. Kicks Surf was designed in a Latin American studio, and is inspired by the famous beaches of South America.

Unfortunately, the prospects for the release of a special version in mass production are very slim. However, the model can become a demonstration stand of new additional options.

Meanwhile, a new generation of Nissan Juke is preparing to debut. The company again launched an updated version of the compact crossover for road tests. The debut of the model must pass in the summer of 2019.