Nissan introduced the “hardcore” hatchback Note Nismo

Nissan introduced the “hardcore” hatchback Note Nismo

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan Note did not enter the domestic market, as it is positioned as a small-sized hatchback, slightly different from the traditional one – the overall body height of the car is so high that it looks more like a short MPV.

Of course, Nissan Note was available for a while, so the Nismo version is based on a modified Note model. Large decorative grille trim also proves that Nissan Note uses Nissan’s latest design language, V-motion. However, the decorative strip is blue, and not chrome, like the whole family, emphasizes the electric nature of the hatchback.

Blue decorative strips are connected to the LEDs inside the darkened headlights, forming a recognizable front end. Nismo’s dot matrix LED daytime running lights are located in the traditional fog lamp zone. Black and red decorative stripes adorn the updated bumper.

The side skirts of the car are slightly increased compared to the regular version. The use of black and red colors resembles eye shadow and eyeliner in a portrait of a girl. A two-tone “bezel” emphasizes the contour and adds a matte texture to the dark part of the car, which will play perfectly in the sun during a turn.

The rear of the car is more aggressive, the huge diffuser is replaced by a rear fog lamp, and the exhaust pipe has decreased in diameter, but this is enough for an electrified car from Nissan Nismo. The interior boasts Recaro front bucket sports seats and an Alcantara steering wheel with red stitching.