Nissan introduced the compact key car Roox

Nissan introduced the compact key car Roox

February 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The presentation of new items was held in Japan. The development of the car was carried out in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors.

In Japan, the presentation of the compact kei car Nissan Roox. The new generation of the model changed its name a little – before that the car was called Nissan DAYZ Roox. The development of a new model was carried out together with Mitsubishi, so the car turned out very similar to the Mitsubishi eK Cross Space. The Nissan Roox concept car was shown last October at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The car has a very compact and economical powertrain – the base is a 0.66-liter engine with a return of 52 hp. Also in the engine range there is a turbo engine with a return of 64 hp. It is noteworthy that the option with all-wheel drive is available for the car. In tandem with automatic transmission, the variator works.

For a budget car, Nissan Roox has a good set of assistants – among them, we note the control of the lane and the distance to the car in front.

In the event of a collision hazard, the braking function is activated. For the basic version, official dealers are asked to pay 1,415,700 yen. The most affordable all-wheel drive option costs 1,549,900 yen, and for the version with a turbo engine you will have to pay 1,932,700 yen.