Nissan introduced the chairs with autopilot!

Nissan introduced the chairs with autopilot!

September 28, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese automaker Nissan presented the “smart” chairs with an autopilot that can move independently to hold office or turn to the doctor.

At first sight the chair with autopilot can seem rather absurd invention. However, if you look into the essence of the idea chairs with the function autonomous control does not seem quite so unnecessary.

The main essence of Propilot Chair is that the chairs with autopilot able to walk in line and make life easier for people with disabilities. Although perfectly healthy people appreciate the relevance of their use.

The principle of “smart” chairs based on the interaction of computer sensors and cameras hung in the room. Last is direct chairs into place, office or a clinic, while sensors help safely move. Chair autopilot Nissan independently find the right location and, if necessary, return to the starting point where a person stands. This is useful when used in offices and entertainment centers, also at various exhibitions.

Speaking of using that chairs at medical institutions, they can not only monitor the promotion a queue, but also to maintain a safe distance between themselves and others. Despite conceptuality design chairs with systems of independent movement and automatic parking tested in restaurants, shopping malls and hospitals in Japan as early as 2017.

The chair works on ProPILOT technology, which helps to understand how far the car is another car, and ensures the movement of the car in its lane. The technology implemented in the chair looks pretty funny.

Nissan says that by the time of autonomous cars this technology will become incredibly powerful, so that the car will drive up itself to its owner, wherever he is not located.

Test the chair from Nissan may be from 27 September to 27 December, and whether chairs will be available do not know anything.