Nissan introduced an all-electric van

Nissan introduced an all-electric van

May 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The model was called e-NV200 XL. Its main feature was a significantly increased storage space.

The Japanese company Nissan has presented its new electric van. Official photos and details appeared on the web on Friday, May 8. The new enlarged car was developed in close collaboration with Voltia from Europe. UK e-NV200 XL sales are expected to begin closer to the end of the year. The novelty added in dimensions – “plus” 50 cm compared with the standard version in each plane. Due to this, it was possible to achieve a surprisingly high capacity – 90% more than the standard version.

Due to the increased mass, the maximum weight of the cargo has now decreased by 120 kg – this is probably the only, albeit expected minus new item. The car received an all-electric powerplant from the standard version of the e-NV200. Such an engine is capable of producing 108 hp. and runs on a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery.

The developers specifically did not begin to equip the car with a powerful motor for two reasons – this would lead to a decrease in the power reserve, as well as an even greater decrease in carrying capacity due to large batteries.

The new e-NV200 XL has a quick charge function – you can fully charge a car in 1 hour when using a “charger” of 50 kW. In the case of using a 7 kW unit, the charge will be restored in 8 hours. The cost of new items has not yet been announced.