Nissan increased the clearance Navara in the new version

Nissan increased the clearance Navara in the new version

April 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

For the first time, Nissan teamed up with a partner brand to create a special version of Navara. The result of the joint work was the Navara Off-Roader AT32 pickup truck with the best off-road capabilities in the history of the model: a 20 mm increase in ground clearance, full protection of key bottom elements and large off-road tires. For an additional fee, a snorkel and a front differential lock are available. With the snorkel on the front pillar, the depth of fording is increased by 200 mm – up to 800 mm, and air intake is improved and the engine is protected from water ingress.

The development of the car involved the legendary Icelandic company Arctic Trucks, specializing in the construction of all-wheel drive vehicles designed for the most severe terrain. The AT32 prefix in the name indicates the company Arctic Trucks and the diameter of the off-road tires in inches. The Off-Roader AT32 package is available for different versions of Navara with a double-cab.

The package implies an increase in the ground clearance from 223 mm to 243 mm, the maximum angle of entry from 30.4 degrees to 35 degrees, and the angle of the longitudinal patency from 22.2 degrees to 24 degrees.

The list of modifications of the package includes also wheel arch extensions that perform aesthetic and protective functions, underbody protection covering the engine, transmission and propeller shaft, 17-inch Arctic Trucks development wheels in combination with various options of 32-inch tires selected depending on operating conditions. The increase in the ground clearance and the transition to a large tire size increases the overall height of the car by 40 mm.

The Navara pickup was the first Nissan model for which the Arctic Trucks package was developed. In the portfolio of the Icelandic firm there is an assortment of packages for models Toyota, Lexus and Isuzu.

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