Nissan in opposite general head of the company with Renault

Nissan in opposite general head of the company with Renault

February 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The crisis in the relationship between Renault and Nissan continues after the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, as according to the latest information, Nissan will resist the appointment of the new head of Renault Jean-Dominique Senard with his own head.

The former head of the two companies, Carlos Ghosn, is still in prison in Japan on charges of financial crime, and according to Nissan, he imposed a common vision on two automakers, which did not always benefit the Japanese company.

Nissan is now seeking to change the management system in the alliance to prevent solutions that would not meet the interests of Nissan. Recall, Nissan owns only 15% of Renault shares, and does not have the right to vote in a French company, while Renault holds a 43% stake in Nissan.

At the same time, the French government, which owns a 15% stake in Renault, allegedly does not mind allowing Nissan to make an independent decision on its next head.

Recently, the first contact of the general director of the Japanese company Hiroto Saikawa with the newly appointed head of Renault took place, and he was successful, but Nissan said he did not want to see him as his own head.

In this case, the Japanese are not opposed to appoint Jean-Dominic Senar head of the board of directors.