Nissan has registered two trademarks IMS and IMQ

December 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It is possible that Nissan is preparing to launch a series of new electric cars, and this is not surprising given the current trends. A request has been made to the European Patent Office for registration of new IMS and IMQ trademarks, which can be used for electrocrossers.

The future model lineup of Nissan may significantly expand due to new electric cars in the body of crossovers. No details are currently known, but the company has registered two trademarks in the European Patent Office — IMS and IMQ. According to preliminary information, these names will be used specifically for the line of electric crossovers.

As a basis for future models, the concepts of the Nissan IMx and IMx Kuro can be used. Probably “IM” means Intelligent Mobility, and the models themselves will be denoted by letters. As it should be, the concepts had a futuristic design that was not very compatible with mass production, but the overall line of the future design was shown clearly.

In addition to the design, the company then introduced the electric power system, represented by a twin-engine layout with a total capacity of up to 435 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. At the time of presentation of the concept, a power reserve of up to 600 km was assumed thanks to a high-capacity rechargeable battery.

Also note that Nissan has already promised to show us an electric Leaf with an increased battery, but the scandal over the arrest of Carlos Ghosn did not allow the company to solemnly release a new product. While the announcement was not, but you can expect that the car will be shown at CES 2019.