Nissan has launched a modernized Navara pickup truck on the European market

Nissan has launched a modernized Navara pickup truck on the European market

July 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The exterior of the pickup truck has changed minimally, and the manufacturer has directed its main forces to finalize the technical part of his car.

Nissan Navara pickup upgrades for the European car market. Updated pickups here are already available for order. The actual pickup European car enthusiasts have already known for four years – it’s time for a scheduled update. There will be no dramatic changes in the appearance of Navara. From its predecessor, the novelty differs in the design of head optics, and then only in the maximum trim levels. The only “new thing” in the auto salon is the improved NissanConnect media system with an older screen and an expanded set of functions.

The technical part of the pickup truck has undergone a more serious upgrade. Navara received a new six-speed manual, where the reverse gear is located next to the first.

 Improvements have not bypassed the 2.3-liter diesel: it received a new common rail system with increased injection pressure, a reduced compression ratio, as well as upgraded cooling and exhaust gas cleaning systems. Power of the power unit remained the same Р163 and 190 horsepower. For the 190-strong Nissan Navara, as before, 7-speed automatic transmission is available. The spring rear suspension was replaced with a spring one, which previously had only expensive modifications with a two-row cab. The rear brakes are no longer drum brakes, but 308 mm disc brakes. The diameter of the front brake discs, in turn, increased from 296 to 320 mm.