Nissan has finalized its legendary sports car GT-R

Nissan has finalized its legendary sports car GT-R

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese concern Nissan has released an updated version of the 2020 GT-R sports car. The company prepared several updates for him.

Speaking about the technical part, the engine now has two turbines – this is the V6 3.8 Twin-Turbo VR38DETT engine, capable of developing a capacity of 573 horsepower. He also began to have a greater response. Gear shifting is now even faster thanks to the upgrade of a six-speed robotic gearbox equipped with two clutches.

The suspension and steering were tuned differently. Now the sports car drives much smoother and better holds the road at high speed (earlier this could cause problems). The brakes were significantly strengthened, therefore, they respond even better to the brake pedal.

 The Nissan GT-R received a new upholstery in gray leather, an exclusive steering wheel and gearshift trim.

20-inch wheels complement the style. Particular attention should be paid to the color Bayside Blue, which previously painted the legendary Nissan Skyline GTR R-34, but the buyer can choose many other colors.

Other items have been updated. For example, newly designed front seats, weight reduction, elements made of carbon fiber. And this is not a complete list.