Nissan has brought an electric all-terrain sedan to Detroit

Nissan has brought an electric all-terrain sedan to Detroit

January 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the Detroit Motor Show debuted 490-hp concept car Nissan IMs with rear doors and cameras instead of mirrors

Nissan introduced an electric concept car called IMs, which the company calls the “high sports sedan.” The public premiere of the novelty took place at the Detroit Motor Show.

Nissan IMs received a convertible five-seat cabin, rear curtain rear doors that open against the direction of movement, as well as external cameras that replaced the traditional side mirrors. Passengers have a range of touch panels and large displays.

The novelty is driven by two electric motors located on the front and rear axle. In total, the units give 490 liters. with. and 800 N · m of torque. The engines are powered by a battery pack of 115 kWh, which allows the car to pass more than 600 kilometers without recharging.

Nissan IMs got a fully autonomous control system. When the autopilot is activated, the steering wheel retracts into the dashboard, and the seats turn in such a way that all passengers face each other.

Earlier, Nissan introduced a new top-end modification of the second generation Leaf electric vehicle. The capacity of the battery pack, now consisting of 288 cells, in the Nissan Leaf e + increased by 22 kWh compared to the standard version – up to 62 kilowatt-hours. The stated maximum power reserve of an electric vehicle was 385 km, which is 100 km more than the standard version (in the WLTP world cycle).

In addition, Nissan Leaf e + received a more powerful power unit. Novelty equipped with an electric motor, developing 217 liters. with. and 340 N · m of torque. For comparison: the engine of the standard electric vehicle produces 149 liters. with. and 319 newton meters.