Nissan Frontier with million mileage returned to the factory

Nissan Frontier with million mileage returned to the factory

August 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

By the beginning of 2020, this model managed to “run” over 1.6 million kilometers! Such a record did not go unnoticed: the company decided to encourage the owner of a record pickup truck.

American Brian Murphy, a courier, has been driving his Nissan Frontier pickup truck 13 hours a day for 13 years. As a result, the figure on the speedometer reached an impressive figure – over 1.6 million kilometers.

Now the pickup will go to the factory museum, and its former owner will sit behind the wheel of the new Frontier. According to Fox News, Murphy has already donated his old car to a plant in Tennessee. It was this company that once released this copy of the Nissan Frontier.

The new pickup, donated by Murphy, has already taken the workplace of its predecessor. The truck is also involved in the delivery.

The American is not going to give up this kind of activity until at least 2025.

Curiously, all the kilometers traveled did not adversely affect the performance of the Nissan Frontier. The car owner admitted that he rarely repaired the car. So, after 725,000 km, the radiator had to be changed, and at the 1.3 million km mark, the pickup needed a new 5-speed manual transmission.

In the meantime, renders of the new compact Ford Maverick pickup have hit the Web. In creating this render, the designers relied on spy photos of test prototypes, so the veracity of these images is quite high. It is known that among other Ford models, the novelty will be located one step below the current mid-size Ranger.