Nissan explained why the cool concept never became serial

Nissan explained why the cool concept never became serial

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan showed a very detailed conceptual sports car back in 2013, and in two versions at once – standard and “charged” IDx Nismo.

Constructed according to the classical scheme – the engine in front, the drive in the back – both coupes could be an excellent addition to the sports line of the brand as a kind of ideological successor to the vintage Datsuns. But the IDx never reached the assembly line, and now Nissan has decided to slightly open the cards.

The reasons, as a certain Nissan representative stated in a post on Reddit, there were absolutely three. The first was the absence of a sufficiently wide market: compact sports cars would simply have no one to sell. And even if they were bought, then in an amount insufficient to justify the costs of preparing for production.

The second is the possibility of internal competition with the relatively fresh at that time Nissan 370Z: a serial IDx could well be more affordable and, accordingly, would select buyers from a model in which a lot was invested.

Finally, Nissan then simply did not have production facilities. The IDx assembly could only be set up at a factory in Tochigi Prefecture, and this company has already been loaded with the release of the same 370Z, as well as Skylines and the top GT-R sports car. Investments in expanding production, according to the brand’s representative, “would significantly outweigh the estimated output and profit.”

And even now, Nissan still seems unsure of what to do with the available sports cars. Will there be any continuation of the “Z line”, and when the Nissan GT-R appears in the body of the R36, is still unknown.