Nissan electric cars will provide electricity in case of natural disasters

Nissan electric cars will provide electricity in case of natural disasters

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker has signed an agreement with the leadership of the city of Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture.

In addition to the planned maintenance of electric vehicles in the city of Atsugi, under the new agreement, Nissan electric cars will become an emergency source of energy for public halls that serve as evacuation sites in the event of storms and floods. The goal of this project is to maintain a system that uses electric cars to protect people’s lives and their health.

In November 2013, the mayor’s office of the Japanese city of Atsugi and Nissan management signed a partnership agreement to create an “environmentally developed city” and a “city with a developed transport infrastructure.” Based on this agreement, both parties made investments in servicing chargers of local companies and projects on the use of car mobility. This disaster cooperation agreement is positioned as one of the draft electric vehicle recycling models.

    “In May last year, Nissan announced Japan’s Blue Switch electrification campaign, which will solve problems such as environmental stress and disaster management in Japan. In cooperation with companies, we are actively working on transforming society through the promotion of electric vehicles. Since the start of Blue Switch, together with many local authorities and companies, our environmentally friendly transport has been used to solve various regional problems, such as natural disaster prevention, global warming, depopulation, tourism and energy management. More recently, Nissan Motors and Nissan dealers sent more than 50 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles to Chiba Prefecture, where long blackouts continued due to typhoon exposure. They were used for various purposes as an emergency power source, ” – the press release said.