Nissan demands more than $ 90 million for fraud from former top manager

Nissan demands more than $ 90 million for fraud from former top manager

February 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker has filed a lawsuit against Carlos Ghosn in the Yokohama District Court.

According to the lawsuit, the company requires the former head of the brand to recover damages in the amount of 10 billion yen or about 91 million US dollars in order to recover losses caused by the unlawful actions of the former chairman of the board for many years.

The losses were related to violations of the Law on financial instruments and exchange related to the distortion of his financial statements, violation of his duties as a director and losses caused by the private use of funds and assets of the company. Claims will continue to increase in connection with the damage that the company will incur in connection with the payment of fines to the Financial Services Agency based on the recommendations of the Securities and Exchange Supervisory Commission, fines that may be imposed on Nissan in a criminal manner, and so on.

In response to Ghosn’s flight from Japan and an attempt to escape legal punishment, Nissan stepped up efforts to ensure liability, including claiming damages by the ex-chairman of the brand.

The company reserves the right to initiate additional litigation regarding any illegal and defamatory statements made in the media after Ghosn fled to Lebanon in violation of the terms of the pledge.