Nissan dedicated a version of the GT-R Nismo supercar to McDonald’s

Nissan dedicated a version of the GT-R Nismo supercar to McDonald’s

April 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

During the Shanghai Auto Show, China, Nissan unveiled an exclusive version of the GT-R NISMO supercar. The machine was created in honor of the legendary fast food chain McDonald’s.

Nissan recently unveiled its GT-R NISMO Special Edition to show that after a few updates, the aging supercar can look more modern, at least for a while. However, during the same event, something else was also unveiled: a “McDonald’s-style” version of the same car.

While the Special Edition has a subtler body tint called Stealth Gray, the McDonald’s Edition boasts a gold sheen to match the company’s corporate colors and is adorned with McDonald’s lettering on the rear wing. Otherwise, both versions of the Japanese supercar appear identical both visually and mechanically.

However, anyone looking to get their hands on a McDonald’s-style supercar is out of luck as it won’t go into production.

Only one copy has been created and it will be used for the lottery run by McDonald’s Japan. Participants will have the chance to win a ride to the Nissan Grandrive Proving Grounds where they can test the car, as well as ride with a professional Nissan driver to put the car to its limits.

In addition, the GT-R Nismo McDonald’s Edition models will be available by purchasing the Happy Meals (or “Happy Sets” as they are called in Japan). The catch is that most of them will. will be painted in Stealth Gray, but some will be finished in McDonald’s gold chrome.

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