Nissan Chico – a concept for children whose parents are always busy

Nissan Chico – a concept for children whose parents are always busy

June 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The author of the unusual project is not at all the designers of the Japanese company: Chico was invented by a student from Croatia for his thesis. This is an automatic vehicle for delivering children to school.

The creators of Chico are Giovanni Duk. A car exists only in electronic form, but, perhaps, it will never be realized in metal. This is unimportant, since the main thing is the demonstration of the idea in combination with the design: both this and that should be very original.

A Croatian student decided that it would be nice to create an automatic “shuttle” that would take the children to and from school, because parents do not always have time for this. At the same time, the car should speak with children in their language – hence the rather unusual appearance of a concept resembling either a child’s toy, or a car at all, as the children themselves would have painted it.

Inside the unusual is not less: perhaps, there had never before appeared concepts in which, along with traditional seats, there would be a peculiar swing. They have a practical role: the energy generated during the swinging is sent to the battery and allows Chico to continue their journey without recharging. Of course, this concept is proposed as an electric car.

The interior is decorated with bright colors and soft materials.

A common world practice is that students use well-known car brands in their work: similar projects appear quite often, and in most cases they are united by originality. Of course, Chico will not become real under any circumstances, but the idea itself does not seem to be something fantastic, given the confident, albeit slow movement in the direction of autonomous cars.