Nissan cars will learn to look behind the corners

Nissan cars will learn to look behind the corners

January 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan announced a new I2V (Invisible-to-Visible) car driver assistance system that integrates real and virtual worlds.

Nissan has announced the I2V (Invisible-to-Visible) automotive system, which combines real and virtual worlds, allowing drivers to “see the invisible.” The technology will premiere on January 7 at the CES Consumer Electronics Show.

The I2V system is capable of combining information from car sensors with data obtained from cloud storage. Thus, she will be able to both control the space around the car and predict what will be waiting for the vehicle on its future route.

For example, the system will allow the driver to see what is around the corner of the building or around the next turn, as well as give hints about road signs and pedestrians. In this case, recommendations will be given “in an interactive and” humane “manner, for example, using avatars that appear inside the car.”

Plus, the system can monitor the condition of the driver and determine when he needs help in managing or, for example, advise to stop to drink coffee.

Earlier it was reported that Nissan intends to launch eight new cars with electric power plants by 2022, as well as to begin installing automatic control systems on at least 20 models. After 2022, the Japanese expect to sell at least one million cars with hybrid or electric power plants annually.