Nissan built an ultra-modern ice cream van e-NV200 Ice Cream Van

Nissan built an ultra-modern ice cream van e-NV200 Ice Cream Van

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In honor of the “Clean Air Day” in the UK, the Japanese brand has teamed up with ice cream maker Mackie’s of Scotland. As a result, the most modern van for the sale of cold dessert, with a fully electric engine and other modern “chips” was presented.

The company Nissan is in the lead in the popularization of electrified technologies in modern cars, and does not plan to stop there. Now a new project has been created, aimed at drawing attention to environmental problems due to the use of petroleum products, as well as to attracting corporate clients to electrified vehicles.

 Teaming up with ice cream maker Mackie’s of Scotland, the van e-NV200 Ice Cream Van was created. The van is intended for commercial use, and is characterized by maximum autonomy. Power reserve is about 200 km at full charge, provided by the battery at 40 kW * hours. A special feature is two additional batteries with a capacity of 1.4 kW * hours, supplying internal equipment. From the network, they charge in an hour, but they also have solar panels installed that can recharge them in 2-4 hours.

In addition, the car is equipped with a modem for connecting to the Internet and equipment that ensures payment acceptance not only in cash, but also with cards or wearable gadgets.

Meanwhile, Nissan is preparing a completely new Juke with an extravagant, but modern design. Despite the fact that the Juke crossover was released in a rather controversial style, it was able to win love and popularity in its class.