Nissan believes crossovers will be a thing of the past

Nissan believes crossovers will be a thing of the past

October 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The popularity of the entire SUV segment has grown rapidly over several years, and it can also shift to another segment. And it’s not necessary to come up with something new. A new trend will be set by the younger generation.

Many experts consider the take-off of crossovers not justified in terms of the real needs of car owners. In other words, many people buy cars in the SUV segment because of their popularity and wide selection. Therefore, in the near future, the trend may change. What Nissan analysts tried to tell.

In support of this, a forecast based on the image factor is given. A new generation is already growing up, which will choose a car not to your taste, but to be different from the older generation. The head of the design company Alfonso Albaisa said:

“Since the market is not able to invent something fundamentally new, sooner or later, buyers will return to something old. And to the fact that it was never bad. “

Many manufacturers agree with this. However, other segments are still losing ground. Sales of sedans in Europe in the mass segment over the past three years have fallen by 25%. Sales of sedans in the premium segment fell 18% over the same period.