Nissan began technological re-equipment of its plants

Nissan began technological re-equipment of its plants

December 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan talked about plans to re-equip its facilities around the world. Such a large-scale upgrade is associated with the advent of the era of electrification and intelligent systems.

Nissan has begun preparations for the mass production of electrified, intelligent and plug-in cars. The new strategy is called the Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Its implementation requires a comprehensive modernization of the brand’s factories. Such technological re-equipment has already begun: the company invested 33 billion yen ($ 301 million) in a plant in Tochigi. This company was the first to test a number of technological innovations until the end of 2020. Subsequently, other Nissan plants will follow suit.

 So, for example, the Japanese are going to use robots at those stages of production where they were previously abandoned due to difficult tasks: installing a power plant, covering the ceiling, applying sealant.

 Installing a motor and transmission in a car using a lift is a well-known procedure, but this process is not without people. Nissan has come up with an automated pallet and a universal powertrain mounting system, thanks to which the entire process is controlled by automation. Such a system is able to put the engine in place with an accuracy of a millimeter. She can work immediately with 27 different power plants.

 The next procedure that Nissan is going to entrust to robots is the application of sealant to the body. It requires a certain skill. The company’s engineers digitized this process by writing a motion program for the manipulator. According to the same algorithm, the method of mounting the ceiling upholstery was modernized. Through the opening in the windshield, the robot puts it in the right place and checks the correctness of the fasteners.

┬áNissan is confident that the use of robots at certain stages of production will help free skilled workers for other areas. At the same time, do not forget that the company today faced a drop in revenue, which is why it is going to reduce staff. Financial difficulties, by the way, did not prevent the company from heading for re-equipment of enterprises – and this is a very costly process.