Nissan announces start of another recall company

Nissan announces start of another recall company

June 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to a document published by the press service of the Japanese brand, the main problem with Nissan cars this time is the inability to fix the hood latch.

The leadership of the Japanese company Nissan has already said that 12 new cars will be produced in the next 18 months and that the automaker is doing well despite the crisis. However, the “ghosts of past failures” continue to haunt the company.

A couple of minutes ago it became known that almost 1.9 million copies of the sedan from the previous generation may have problems with the hood latch. The first such review occurred in 2014 – then the guys from Nissan fixed the lever and lubricated the secondary latches. They did the same in 2015, when the same malfunction was announced and only in 2016 did they completely replace the latches.

It seems that the previous three reviews did not teach the Japanese company anything – now the automaker announces the next (fourth in a row) recall of its Nissan Altima sedan.

As stated in a published press release, the hood may suddenly open in motion. Although official documents regarding the new recall company have not yet been provided by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan told reporters that a fourth service company has already been launched. This time it involves not only Altima sedans from 2013-2015, affected by previous reviews, but also versions of the model released from the 2016 to the 2018 model year.

What is the problem now? There is a risk that the secondary latch of the Altima hood may come off, which will expose the bare metal. Over time, the metal may rust, and then the latch may not work properly, which means that it will not be able to hold the hood. In the worst case, the hood may suddenly open. Already known about 16 accidents that led to injuries due to this malfunction.