Nissan and Arctic Trucks have developed a hard version of the pickup Navara

Nissan and Arctic Trucks have developed a hard version of the pickup Navara

June 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company demonstrated an off-road variant of a pickup truck for Europe. The car was created by joint efforts of Nissan and masters from the tuning studio of Arctic Trucks, located in Iceland. The modified pick-up truck is based on the Navara double cab, but has a number of features.

The new car was named Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 and it will be able to compete with other cars with high cross-country capability. So, the novelty has increased the suspension by 20 mm, steel is larger than tires and protection of the bottom.

The ground clearance is now 243 mm, and on the 17-inch wheels “shod” 32-inch rubber, wheel arches also made larger. The angle of entry was increased to 35 degrees, and the exit to 24.

Compared with other similar “tanks”, the Off-Roader AT32 outperformed the Chevy Colorado ZR2 in terms of ground clearance (> 8.9 dm) and angle of entry (30 °) and exit (23.5 °). On these parameters, he bypassed and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. And unless the Ford Ranger Raptor is larger in the lumen of the Japanese pickup truck by 11.1 inches, second only to the corner of entry (32.5 °).

On the rack A there is an additional tube, which allows the SUV to move in water with a dip of no more than 800 mm. Together with the basic reverse gear lock for the pickup, the front differential lock can be installed. Traditional navigation systems Start and Descent Control Navara in combination with the modifications have made it possible to convert the medium-sized peaks into a super-cross-country SUV.

Ken Ramirez, senior vice president of Nissan’s European office, shared his impressions, calling the off-road pick-up the most passable Navara machine that he ever managed to realize. The combination of external style with high off-road qualities will attract a large audience.