Nissan admitted that it falsifies data on exhaust gases

Nissan admitted that it falsifies data on exhaust gases

July 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

1,200 cars – it was for such a number that falsified documents were intended to be created that hid real information about the level of exhaust gases into the atmosphere. This was told by representatives of the local agency Kyodo.

As reported by the guys from Kyodo agency, the Japanese automaker – Nissan company, intends to amend the documents for 1,200 cars that were produced at the company’s plant in Japan. Frauds with documentation for vehicles concerned falsification of real data on emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

We want to note that this is not the first time when a similar scandal “flares up” around the Japanese automobile giant.

Let’s remind our readers that last fall, as they say, the fact that the final check of the cars just assembled was carried out by employees who did not have the proper qualifications “came up”. The result was a fairly large service company, for which about 1 000 000 Nissan cars were sold. In addition, the brand management had to make a decision to suspend serial production until the reasons for admission of unqualified persons were clarified before the final inspection of the cars produced.

We must pay tribute to the current president of the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor – Hiroto Sikawa decided that he will return a part of his salary each month to the company to compensate for the losses suffered by the brand.

Despite the recognition in the falsification of documents, the press service of the company continues to claim that absolutely all of their cars fully comply with Japan’s environmental standards. It is reported that no one in the company even thought about cheating with data on emissions of harmful substances. The error occurred on one of the production cycles and it has already been fixed, so that this will not happen again.

In addition, in this case, the management of Nissan Motor conducted its own investigation, the results of which have already been reported to the Ministry of Transport of Japan.