Nio has found a unique way to make electric cars cheaper

Nio has found a unique way to make electric cars cheaper

August 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The cars of the brand will be sold without batteries, which are the most expensive components of such cars. The battery can be rented. Nio has already calculated how much money can be saved on this.

Nio has announced potential price reductions for its electric vehicles. For this, the brand’s cars will be sold without batteries, which will reduce the cost of cars by 15-25%, depending on the model and configuration. For the operation of such cars, batteries can be rented. To do this, the company is creating a new product called Battery as a Service (BaaS).

For comparison, the Nio ES6 crossover is now offered for $ 49,700, and the version without a battery can be purchased for $ 39,600. The full version of Nio ES8 can be purchased for $ 65,100, while dealers will ask for $ 55,000 for the version without batteries. The approximate cost of renting a battery is already known – they will ask for about $ 140 per month. Nio has 143 stations in China that can provide quick battery swaps. It only takes 3 minutes for a complete replacement.

Next year, another 300 such stations will be put into operation, so quick installation when renting batteries will not be a problem. Nio also plans to soon enter foreign markets, and European countries will be debuting.