Ninebot introduced the original electro-transformer

Ninebot introduced the original electro-transformer

May 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Two years ago, the Ninebot brand released the Gokart kit, which turns a branded Segway into an electric card. Recently, the company introduced an improved transformer model called Gokart Pro with additional features, a new design and advanced integrated acoustics.

The novelty is equipped with a proprietary steering rack and is built on the basis of a sturdy steel frame that can handle up to 100 kilograms. In addition, Gokart Pro received a bumper and side skirts made of thermoplastic rubber (TPE). The safety of electric vehicles is also provided by a fault detection mechanism that automatically stops the micro-car in case of problems, reporting them with sound and visual alarms.

The Gokart Pro engine with a peak power of 4800 watts is equipped with a 432 Wh air-cooled 4-channel battery pack and is capable of providing a maximum acceleration speed of 37 km / h. Thanks to the Bluetooth-module and four speakers of 8 watts, the new product is able to not only simulate the sound effects of the engine of a racing car, but also play music.

There is also support for the Segway Ninebot mobile application with functions for viewing technical information and choosing a driving mode, which is presented in four options: “safe” (8 km / h), “beginner” (18 km / h), “sport” (28 km / h ) and the “track” (37 km / h).

According to the developers, Gokart Pro is suitable for both children and adults – the length and height of its body can be adjusted. The new electrocard is already available in China for $ 1268.