Ninebot announced an electric scooter with a range of up to 200 kilometers

Ninebot announced an electric scooter with a range of up to 200 kilometers

December 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ninebot, a company specializing in the production of segways and other electric vehicles, working closely with Xiaomi, has introduced a new generation of “long-range” E-series scooters. The lineup included five models at once, differing not only in the power reserve, but also in speed characteristics.

In addition to the range on one charge, the new items differ from each other in the capacity and power of the installed battery:

    E80C: range of up to 90 kilometers at a maximum speed of 51 km / h
    E90: 100 kilometers / 55 km / h
    E100: 100 – 200 kilometers / 60 – 65 km / h
    E125: 120 – 240 kilometers / 80 – 100 km / h
    E200: 200 kilometers / up to 100 km / h

The range of scooters depends on the dynamics of the ride and the weight of the owner. The batteries used in the models are lead-acid with protection against ingress of water IPX7 and an optimized charging / discharging system. In order to avoid premature failure, smart electronics will automatically tell you when it is necessary to recharge the battery in case of prolonged downtime of the vehicle.

In addition to impressive speed performance, the new Ninebot scooter series comes with a number of additional features. For example, scooters are able to recognize such driving scenarios as riding, stopping or towing. With manual pushing of vehicles into the slide, it automatically helps the owner drive an electric motor.

When landing behind the wheel, the transport automatically removes the footboard. The reverse action occurs after parking the vehicle. The models provide GPS location tracking, the ability to remotely lock or turn on the siren. Ninebot scooters are also equipped with an anti-theft system. Another feature of the new products is the presence of a “flight recorder”, which records all the information during the trip.

The cost of the base model E80C is $ 685, the manufacturer estimated the model E90 at $ 857, the version E100 will cost $ 985, and the older models E125 and E200P – at $ 1428 and $ 2429 respectively. All vehicles have a three-year battery warranty and a six-year engine warranty. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the scooter frame. New items will go on sale in early 2020.