Nikola Motor Announces Battery Breakthrough

Nikola Motor Announces Battery Breakthrough

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The hydrogen tractor developer, startup startup Nikola Motor, is set to install much larger batteries on its trucks than you might expect. This means that they should become much lighter and longer-range – up to 1300 km on a single charge. The company promised to provide evidence in 2020.

In the spring, Arizona-based company Nikola Motors presented four new products – two tractors (Nikola Two and Nikola Tre) with hydrogen fuel cells and batteries, as well as electric buggies and a jet ski.

Now representatives of Nikola told how they intend to further increase the attractiveness of their developments, writes Electrek.

According to the press release, the company has achieved the following:

    Nikola electric trucks can now drive nearly 1300 km on a single charge and with a full body.
    The mass of trucks decreased by 2.3 tons with the same battery size.
    The company’s hydrogen-electric trucks can travel 1,600 km and recharge in 15 minutes.
    The world’s first “autonomous electrode battery” has been developed.
    The energy density is up to 1100 W * h / kg at the material level and 500 W * h / kg at the level of the finished element, including the case, terminals and the separator – more than twice as high as that of modern lithium-ion batteries.
    Maintaining acceptable performance after a cycle of 2000 charges and discharges.
    40% less weight than lithium-ion batteries.
    50% less material per kWh than lithium-ion batteries.

“This is the most significant achievement in the world of batteries,” said Trevor Milton, head of Nikola Motor. – This is not about modest improvements. It is about doubling the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. We are talking about doubling the range of electric vehicles and hydrogen-electric vehicles around the world. “

In addition, he hinted that someone had expressed a desire to acquire his team of engineers, but until the end of the year he could not divulge the details. And the company is going to demonstrate the capabilities of new batteries in 2020 in front of an amazed audience during the presentation of its products.