Nikola hydrogen pickup will be available from late June

Nikola hydrogen pickup will be available from late June

June 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Startup Nikola Motor has opened a pre-order for an electric pickup Badger on hydrogen fuel cells. Soon after, a company that has no income, which has not yet produced a single car, and which does not even have a plant for their production (its construction can begin this summer), even if not for long, but outstripped Ford by market capitalization. This bubble with three prototypes is already worth $ 28.63 billion.

Nikola Motor is best known for its heavy hydrogen fuel trucks. Last year, the company showed two versions of the tractor – the Two model for the US market and the Tre model in the European style, without a hood protruding forward. And in early 2020, she revealed the characteristics of the future Badger pickup truck, which is quite capable of competing with the Tesla Cybertruck.

Since June 4, Nikola Motor has become a public joint stock company and immediately announced the imminent – from June 29 – start accepting pre-orders for Badger. This electric pickup confidently bypasses Cybertruck in most respects and, first of all, in the range of travel due to the hydrogen tank – 965 km. The pickup will have 906 liters. with., the ability to overcome climbs of 50 degrees and a pulling force of 3.6 tons. Plus a mini fridge in the cabin.

“We entered the market right after the Ford F-150 and will also be direct competitors to Tesla Cybertruck,” said Nikola CEO Trevor Milton in an interview with TechCrunch.

Despite the fact (or because) that Nikola has not yet produced a single car and has not even begun building a factory in Arizona, its market capitalization amounted to $ 28.63 billion. For a while, the startup bypassed Ford in this indicator what Milton immediately tweeted about. At the end of Tuesday, the startup’s stock price was $ 79.73.

At the end of last year, Nikola boasted a new achievement – much more capacious lithium-ion batteries. If you believe the company, now hydrogen wagons will be able to travel 1300 km on a single charge and with full load.