Niko Hulkenberg: I am pleased with the development of events

Niko Hulkenberg: I am pleased with the development of events

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Tuesday, the Renault team continued to work on the track in Barcelona, ​​primarily by assessing the effectiveness of the aerodynamics of the new car in race mode. In total, Nico Hulkenberg and Daniel Riccardo drove 130 laps, which indicates a good level of reliability R.S.19.

Niko Hulkenberg (10th): “Today we have successfully completed another session, having traveled a lot of laps the second day in a row. We paid the most attention to analyzing the efficiency of aerodynamics along the long series of circles.

The team with exceptional persistence is working to ensure that the process of finishing the machine goes as quickly as possible. I am pleased with the development of events. ”

Daniel Riccardo (12th): “Behind another busy working day, when we drove more than 70 laps, that inspires optimism. There were some delays associated with the appearance of red flags, but we were able to execute our program, having coped well with the imitation of the race.

The team has moved forward considerably, and the 130 laps that Niko and I have overcome today are a good sign. Tomorrow I will be back behind the wheel, and we will strive to increase the score of the circles, and I will try to adapt more to the car. ”