Nico Rosberg: Do not write off Vettel from the accounts

Nico Rosberg: Do not write off Vettel from the accounts

September 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nico Rosberg, the 2016 world champion, is ready to admit that he is extremely surprised by the blunders made by Sebastian Vettel, however, he believes that the German Ferrari racer is too early to write off.

In Monza, Vettel rode fourth, chasing Valtteri Bottas, but on the 6th lap of the race in the chicane, Ascari unsuccessfully attacked the curb, and his car was turned around. But returning to the track, he did not notice the approaching Racing Point of Lance Stroll, and there was contact between the cars, for which Sebastian was fined, received a 10-second Stop & Go and ended up only 13th.

At the same time, his partner Charles Leclair, to the great joy of Tifozi, won the Italian Grand Prix, having won a second victory in a row, and now it is the 21-year-old Monegasque who is already called the new leader of Scuderia.

Nico Rosberg: “What is happening with Vettel is incomprehensible to me – I can’t explain this. He is a four-time world champion, one of the best drivers of the championship, and when he makes such mistakes, just losing control of the car at the exit from the turn, it is very strange.

He must have experienced an extremely unpleasant moment. And his partner just became a true Ferrari legend and probably took the number one rider status from Sebastian.

But still, Vettel is one of those guys who truly believes in themselves, and in a similar situation this should help him. In Formula 1, everyone has a short memory, so it’s enough to have one good race, and his reputation will be restored. You should not write off Sebastian, as he can very quickly recoup, although it will not be easy. ”

For the previous two Grand Prix, Lecler earned 50 points, while Vettel – only 13, because of which he rolled back to 5th position in the individual competition. Championship leader Lewis Hamilton, he is inferior to 115 points. But the next race will be held in Singapore, and Sebastian won four of his 52 victories there, so he can be considered a specialist on the Marina Bay. Maybe in a week we will again see the old Vettel? ..

However, the city ring full of corners with its relatively low average speed, most likely, is more suitable for Mercedes and Red Bull Racing cars than Ferrari.