Nico Hulkenberg: Sometimes our sport is very cruel

Nico Hulkenberg: Sometimes our sport is very cruel

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The weekend in Bahrain ended for the factory team Renault extremely unfortunate – a simultaneous double gathering at the end of the race, which was supposed to bring points to both pilots.

Cyril Abithebul, team leader: “After a tense winter, the beginning of the season is extremely unfortunate for us. As in Melbourne, during the qualification, minor problems with electronics prevented us, and in the race everything ended with a sudden double derailment.

We have already encountered such failures before, but in Bahrain could not deal with them. These problems are especially sad and unacceptable because both cars have demonstrated an excellent pace both on fast lap and long distance.

Niko had a great race, rising from 17th to sixth place. In Daniel, despite the high racing pace, the strategy did not work – in the upcoming tests, he will continue to master driving our car. We need to respond to the current situation with a special focus on reliability. ”

Niko Hulkenberg (descent, 17th): “Cope with disappointment is very difficult, but sometimes our sport can be very cruel. The race was interesting, I broke from the 17th to the sixth place, but could not finish. We will understand why the power plant suddenly turned off – that’s where my race ended.

The first round just needed to go through – he was crazy, but I had to attack in order to recoup. The team has developed an excellent strategy with two pit stops – from this point of view, everything went positive. Everything must be done so that such problems do not recur. ”

Daniel Riccardo (descent, 18th): “The race turned out to be eventful. At first there was a feeling that we have a good pace, so we decided on the strategy of one pit stop. I tried to delay the pit stop as much as possible, but the tires quickly lost their effectiveness. Now it is clear that two pit stops were the best option.

At the end of the race I could not oppose anything to the opponents, and in the last laps there was a problem with MGU-K and I fizzled out.

This weekend was for us from ups and downs. A lot of things have happened, now we need to analyze everything, draw conclusions – and return to the struggle in the best shape. ”