Nick de Vries showed the best time in Barcelona

Nick de Vries showed the best time in Barcelona

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For three days of the Formula 2 pre-season tests on the Paul Ricard track, only two pilots showed the best time: Nick de Vries from ART and Mick Schumacher from Prema. To a large extent, the first day of trials in Barcelona was also marked by their confrontation, and ended in victory for the Dutchman. He drove a lap on the Catalan highway for 1: 28,655.

In the morning in Barcelona it was cold enough, the sky was overcast with clouds, so that the pilots on the track did not hurry. At the end of the first hour, only Mahavir Ragunatan showed some time. He also caused the first red flags when he stopped in the seventh turn. Shortly after the restart, the session was stopped again – it was necessary to clear the pit lane.

Only by the end of the session did the pilots become more active and began to work on the track. The best time was shown by Nick de Vries, who was ahead of Luca Giotto from UNI-Virtuosi and Louis Deletraz from Carlin.

By lunchtime, the weather improved significantly, and the second half of the day was much more active. True, at first most of the pilots worked on the simulation of the race, not paying much attention to being on the lap. An hour after the start, the red flags reappeared – this time due to the stop of Roberto Mary in the second turn.

Juan-Manuel Correa, Nick de Vries and Nikita Mazepin replaced each other on the first line. Finally, an hour before the end of the tests showed the best time Mick Schumacher. He headed the table almost to the very end of the trials, but 15 minutes before the tartan flag the pilots began to make attempts to show the best time.

Nick de Vries was able to surpass the time of Mick – and at the same time his own, shown in the morning. Sergio Setta Camara and Mazepin managed to push Schumacher back to fourth place, after which the red flags were hung out again – Ragunathan stopped again, this time in the eighth turn. Since only five minutes remained until the tartan flag, it was decided not to resume the session and the results became final.