Nick Chester: The car has a good pace

Nick Chester: The car has a good pace

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the beginning of the first training session on the Hulkenberg machine, there was a problem with the software, he lost some time, but Daniel Ricardo fulfilled part of his program …

Niko Hulkenberg (7th): “The first session was not the best way, but then we played. In the second session, everything went steadily well. I immediately felt comfortable behind the wheel, and this is important for the rider.

This route is different from the one where the tests took place, here there are completely different sensations when piloting, but I am happy with everything – as far as possible at this stage. In the second training session we worked according to the planned program. On the long series of circles, everything went well, but we need to achieve more before qualifying. “

Daniel Riccardo (8th): “It’s great that the first day is over. The week before the race turned out to be intense, well, that Friday workouts are over. In the second session, we worked steadily on the track, with each series of circles I felt more comfortable.

We need to find out and improve a lot, but we are moving towards the goal. I try to better understand the behavior of the car, and today is a great start. There is an interesting qualification ahead, I look forward to it. ”

Nick Chester, Technical Director: “Overall, not a bad day. We had to briefly interrupt the first session, when we discovered problems with the software on Niko’s machine. Daniel tried with everything to get used to his first training session with the team. Between the sessions, we adjusted the settings and in the second workout everything went well. The car has a good pace in the long and short series. Now we need to analyze all the information, but we are quite happy with the first day. ”