Nick Chester: Every year the teams work more and more

Nick Chester: Every year the teams work more and more

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The technical director of the Renault F1 Nick Chester on the finalization of the machines during the season …

Nick Chester: “In past years, the designers of the teams of Formula 1 in July could take a breath – the development of the current machine is over, you just started to think about the next one. But now it is not. Now you start to develop a new car in January, and you are working on the current one until October. Every year the teams work more and more – and this process goes on constantly.

Previously, teams several times in the course of the season prepared large-scale updates to some key stages. Now this is not – we bring new items at almost every stage. If you manage to find some solution that can make the car faster, we try to prepare it and use it as soon as possible.

If you understand that the rivals ahead are not catching up, and those that are behind are seriously lagging behind, then the pressure decreases a little and you can put together several updates to different races into one, which makes it easier to develop and produce on the base, allowing you to use this time in your work. for the future. But with such a tight struggle as now, you strive to prepare new items as quickly as possible, using all the resources for this. ”