Nicholas Latifi: I could not believe that I got a contract

Nicholas Latifi: I could not believe that I got a contract

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Nicholas Latifi will be the only debutant of this season – his contract with Williams was announced on the eve of the final race of the season. Then he calmly reacted to this news, but only because he could not believe that he had achieved the goal.

Nicholas Latifi: “I didn’t react so emotionally to the news about the contract, because deep down I was really surprised, but in reality it was the embodiment of my dream.

I have been racing for half my life and have long wanted to get into Formula 1, but it was difficult for me to believe that now I have a contract, and I finally achieved my goal. Probably, only on the starting grid in Melbourne I will understand that all this really happened – you can, I will start last, and when the lights go out, I will think: “All this really happens.” I am very glad, I look forward to the start of the season, and I have a fighting spirit.

Many people forget that I started my racing career quite late – I got behind the wheel of a map at only 13 years old, unlike guys like Max Verstappen and Esteban Okon who have been karting since 4 years old. About 12 years have passed from the beginning of my racing career to the debut in Formula 1. But, I think that this is normal, because, for example, Max also went to the start of his first Grand Prix when he was 17, i.e. 13 years after the start of a career.

Of course, I’m older than the recent debutants of Formula 1, but I have enough experience in motorsport, so everything is in order. It seems to me that now I am better prepared for Formula 1 than ever before, and it’s time to take the next step. ”