NHTSA USA Accepts Tesla Model S and X Battery Failure Petition

NHTSA USA Accepts Tesla Model S and X Battery Failure Petition

November 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will consider a class action lawsuit against Tesla’s electric vehicles. The latter should provide all the necessary documentation by November 28, 2019 under the threat of civil fines.

Attorney Edward Chen sent his request to the NHTSA on September 17, and a response came in October last year. NHTSA experts decided to investigate the safety of batteries in Tesla electric vehicles, for which the software updates 2019.16.1 and 2019.16.2 arrived. Tesla is accused of using them to mask security threats, such as spontaneous combustion.

  David Rasmussen, who is one of the owners of Tesla cars, decided to ask the agency to conduct a special investigation. According to Mr. Rasmussen, through his lawyer Edward Chen, after updating the software in May this year, the range was constantly reduced by 12%. He even tried to get clarification from Tesla itself for several months. Since he did not receive a satisfactory answer, he sued.

Attorney Cheng said the following in his motion: “Tesla uses wireless software updates to mask or completely hide a potentially common and dangerous battery problem in their vehicles.”

  At the moment, the American company must provide NHTSA with extensive documentation on why new software was needed. You also need information about all the cars that the company produced for sale or rental in the United States. There are questions regarding situations with property damage, fire, personal injury or the complete destruction of these vehicles. The NHTSA requests reports on complaints, pre-trial claims and lawsuits related to such events.

  Tesla must provide all documents by November 28, 2019 under the threat of civil fines, which can vary from 22 329 dollar to 111 642 265 dollars. That is, not responding to court requests for the company is definitely not an option.

 Once the NHTSA has received everything necessary, it will conduct an investigation to determine if Tesla should recall vehicles that could be a fire hazard, or if the purpose of these updates was to extend battery life.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that a renderer for the Tesla electric pickup was published. If the first pickup in the history of the American brand will be as shown on this render, then we are waiting for a very large electric car, which in black body color looks somewhat menacing.