NHTSA has banned in the US devices to trick the autopilot Tesla

NHTSA has banned in the US devices to trick the autopilot Tesla

June 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The US market is increasingly gaining popularity allowing the owners of Tesla cars to deceive the safety system of the unmanned system. Devices are considered unsafe for road users.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation issued a letter with the termination of permission to sell products called Autopilot Buddy. This device is positioned as a special gadget for Tesla cars and is able to disable the safety function on Tesla vehicles. This system should warn the driver about the need to pay attention to the road and return the hands to the steering wheel. Devices, such as the Autopilot Buddy, are equipment for cars, controlled by the NHTSA.


“The products designed to deceive the car’s security systems and distract the driver’s attention are unacceptable,” said Deputy Head of Department Heidi King. “Not allowing the security system to warn the driver about the need to return his hands to the steering wheel, this product disables an important protective mechanism, which may entail a risk to owners and other participants in the movement. ”

Moreover, NHTSA obliged all representatives of companies seen in the sale and advertising of these devices to inform local authorities about the implementation of the ban. Sales should stop immediately, and companies will need to provide information on the implementation of the ban until June 29.

As experts note, the Tesla autopilot system is oriented towards sensors in the steering wheel. These devices mimic the finding of hands on the handlebars. Therefore, the car believes that the driver fully controls the situation, and does not warn about the need to return attention in a dangerous situation.

In the company itself it is reported that the autopilot in Tesla models is the second level, and is designed exclusively for operation with the driver, not allowing it to completely escape from the control of the electric car.

In the meantime, the founder and head of Tesla company shows in practice its confidence in the success of the company. Elon Musk again bought a large block of shares worth about $ 25 million.