Next Mini Countryman will be a German electric car

Next Mini Countryman will be a German electric car

November 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The production of the crossover will begin in 2023.

By the end of 2022, all German factories of the BMW Group will be producing at least one all-electric model. This was announced by the company itself in a fresh press release on production plans for the coming years.

So, in 2021 in Munich, the production of the coupe-like sedan i4 will be launched, and in Dingolfing – the iX crossover. The latter will then be joined by the new seventh and fifth series – both are promised versions without ICE. In 2022, the BMW iX1 will enter the assembly line in Regensburg, and in 2023 in Leipzig, the next generation Mini Countryman will be registered – another compromise model, which will exist in both fuel and electric guises.

Note that the current Countryman is being made in the Netherlands, but the fact that the contract will not be renewed was announced last month. In turn, the factory in Leipzig is the birthplace of the BMW i3 electric car and related Mini cars based on the UKL front-wheel drive architecture, the new first series and the Active Tourer compact van. Until recently, a hybrid BMW i8 was also made there.

Among other things, this site is famous for its “battery farm” – a modular design called the BMW Battery Storage Farm Leipzig, assembled from used batteries for the main purpose. The superbattery stores energy from the wind turbines, reducing the load on the grid during peak production times. The surplus is sold to the city.

We do not yet know the characteristics of the electrical modification of the future Countryman. By the way, although the current Mini Electric hatchback (aka Cooper SE) is assembled in Oxford, it is not a purebred “Englishman” either: the power plant components borrowed from the BMW i3 are supplied for it from Germany.