Next generation Mazda MX-5 may be hybrid

Next generation Mazda MX-5 may be hybrid

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mazda strives to keep the roadster small and light, even with electrification.

It was at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show that Mazda introduced the original MX-5 Miata. A fourth-generation (ND) model has been around for four years, so it’s time for Mazda to think about the NE model, which is expected to appear later in the next decade.

Speaking to Autocar magazine, head of research and development at the automaker Ichiro Hirose said that the main ingredients that make the MX-5 so fun to drive – lightness and compactness – will remain for the fifth generation car. However, the two-seater roadster can still undergo some significant changes, as Miata cannot be immune to car trends and must adapt in order to survive, especially in the declining sports car market. More stringent emission standards may mean that the new MX-5 will be based on a hybrid propulsion system.

“We want to choose the best transmission to make the car easier, but because of the diverse requirements and preferences, we need to explore different options. I can’t say anything for sure right now, but we need to create a machine that people can own without worrying that they are not environmentally friendly. ”

Given that an electrified transmission usually affects the weight of the car, the next MX-5 may be heavier than today’s model if Mazda engineers cannot find a way to drop part of the weight from other sections to compensate for the weight gain. For advanced training, the lightest version of the roadster sold in the United States has a weight of only 1,057 kilograms.

The latest update for the popular convertible was released earlier this year when Mazda released the 30th Anniversary Edition, limited to 3,000 cars worldwide.