Next Generation Dodge Charger Rendering Presented

Next Generation Dodge Charger Rendering Presented

January 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An independent designer presented his vision of what a completely new generation of the Dodge Charger sports sedan would look like. The American brand plans to introduce a new product in 2023.

 The American sports sedan Dodge Charger is already morally aging – the current generation of the model is nine years old this year, and this is only a matter of time before the four-door sedan is finally updated. But while this does not happen. One of the main reasons why the leadership of the American brand is in no hurry to present a completely new version of the car is the rather high sales of the current generation of the car.

Not wanting to wait long for the guys from Dodge to mature to show the next generation Charger, the famous designer from the TheSketchMonkey Youtube channel, is trying to imagine what the new product will look like.

 I must say that there are not so many changes in the “new” generation of the iconic sports car. We believe that this is not the best work of the master, but still interesting to look at Charger with a different “face”.

Work was done to align the shape of the lights, the car received a more attractive form of fog lights. In general, we like the end result – the front of the sedan has become more aggressive than it is now.

However, the design of the front bumper seems completely unsuitable for such a powerful car. I must say that for Dodge sports cars, appearance has never been a major component of success, much more attention has been paid to providing the car with impressive dynamic characteristics. You can watch the video at the top of this page to see the entire 13-minute process of creating a virtual car.

 In any case, Dodge is going to introduce a new generation of Charger sedan, and this will happen in 2023. At the moment, no data on the appearance of the next-generation sports car.