Next Ford Focus ST completely unveiled

Next Ford Focus ST completely unveiled

August 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Apparently, the debut of the new “charged” version of the Ford Focus ST is just around the corner. This is evidenced by increasingly emerging photos of test prototypes. And at once several foreign publications published fresh photographs of the exterior and interior.

Ford also simultaneously conducts road tests for the new Ford Focus ST in America and Europe. And in the network there were completely new photos showing road tests of the new model in Colorado. Judging by the photos, the tests are really large, as the car towed a large trailer behind it.

Compared with the test prototype in previous spy shots, the new one does not have camouflage, and the lack of shelter shows a lot about the revised project. The lack of camouflage made it possible to consider in detail that the sports version received an increased grille, a wide air intake at the bottom of the bumper, and wide “gills” along the edges with integrated fog lights and air intakes for cooling the braking system.

The back of the new Focus received a massive spoiler over the trunk lid, and the bumper with a new design got a functional diffuser. Unfortunately the trailer partially hides the rear part, but details can still be considered. The sockets of the exhaust system are small enough, and do not completely fill the holes in the bumper. Therefore, either the bumper will change or the tips on the pipes will be added.

Separately, we can say about the interior – it will be significantly redesigned with respect to the previous Focus RS and ST. The multimedia display will be moved higher, the vertical deflectors will be replaced by horizontal ones, and the design of the torpedo will change significantly.

The only notable changes in the technical part are more productive brakes with larger diameter discs, and more massive calipers.

According to rumors, as a power unit will be used a modified two-liter turbo engine, with a power higher than the current (252 hp). In Europe, the car will also be available with a new turbo-diesel engine. Couple with them will install a robotic dual-clutch transmission, and a modification with a six-speed manual gearbox will be available.

Meanwhile, Ford is preparing its own drones, which are scheduled for mass production no earlier than 2021. A car with unmanned technology was introduced as part of the publication of the 44-page document.