New York’s famous yellow cabs will become electric

New York’s famous yellow cabs will become electric

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Local authorities have decided to make the “business card” of New York more environmentally friendly. As an electric taxi, the Tesla Model 3 has already debuted.

With the approval of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (NYC TLC), the famous New York Yellow Taxi became electric for the first time. The first electric car that was allowed to carry passengers through the streets of New York was the electric five-seater Tesla Model 3 sedan, writes Electrek. Electric cars of this American brand are already in taxis in many European countries, for example, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, but in their native America they are just starting their march through the local taxi services. Tesla’s products can be met here at tourist services and small private firms, but taxi services in large cities have not hired brand electric cars to this day.

The list of suitable cars for work in the same cars, which were approved by the authorities of New York, included only cars with ICE and hybrids. Tesla Model 3 will be the first “green” car, which will try on the famous yellow “livery.” For this to happen, the electric car had to withstand a series of inspections and certification.

Electric cars, despite their high cost, quickly pay off in the process of service: cheap refueling, simple and rare service, inexpensive maintenance. It is also believed that electric cars surpass gasoline cars in reliability.

 And if Elon Musk fulfills his promise by 2020 to present a battery that can work out a million miles (1.6 million kilometers), then electric cars will have no competitors at all.