New VW Touareg parks with the remote control

New VW Touareg parks with the remote control

November 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Thanks to a dedicated smartphone app, the VW Touareg crossover can self-park. The automaker has posted a video demonstrating the technology’s work.

The latest generation Volkswagen Touareg offers shoppers the option to park using their smartphone as a remote control. Designed for tight parking spaces that make it difficult to get in or out of the car, the system allows the car to squeeze into or out of a small space without driver intervention.

The system uses the existing Park Assist function. The device already allows the car to semi-autonomously park in or out of parallel parking spaces by taking over the steering while the driver operates the gear selector and pedals.

However, VW has upgraded the system so the engine and brake are also fully self-driving, further reducing the driver’s workload.

Using this technology as a basis, Volkswagen has expanded its functionality so that the system can be controlled from a smartphone. Typically, the driver needs to select Park Assist using the infotainment screen and then let the car park. However, the new version of this technology means that the driver can now get out of the car in front of the parking lot or bring it to the driveway without getting into it.

As before, when parking, the driver must move slowly until the system finds a suitable spot using its arsenal of cameras and sensors. However, by pressing the button labeled “Remote Parking Assist”, the driver can take the key from the car, get out of it and then activate the parking maneuver via the app. For safety reasons, the button on the smartphone screen must remain pressed throughout the entire maneuver.

Perhaps more useful, however, the system will also “pull” the car out of space if the driver returns to find an inattentive driver parked too close to his door. Instead of squeezing into the car, the driver can start the engine using the VW Remote Park Assist Plus app before choosing maneuvers.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Land Rover accuses the VW Group of stealing technology. Land Rover accuses German VW Group of using patented technologies and is seeking a ban on the sale of some of its crossovers in the United States.