New VW Golf GTE revealed by spies before the official presentation

New VW Golf GTE revealed by spies before the official presentation

September 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first photos appeared on the web in which the new hatchback with virtually no camouflage. However, the front and rear optics are hidden by masking pads. Fog lights are also partially covered by overlays.

The compact but popular Volkswagen Golf hatchback is preparing for a generational change. In the meantime, test prototypes continue to be tested on public roads. Moreover, camouflage is almost gone. Judging by the fact that the car has already thrown off camouflage, the debut will take place in the near future.

 Only recently, the first official sketches of the interior of the new Golf appeared on the Web, and now the manufacturer, even on a test prototype, was not able to hide the interior of the novelty. The photo clearly shows that the interior will be made in a modern minimalist style. The driver is provided with two displays visually combined into one. The multimedia display will receive additional functions for controlling vehicle systems.

Specifications have not yet been officially disclosed. Earlier we reported that the presentation of the new Golf should have taken place much earlier, but it had to be postponed due to problems with the software update system.

Meanwhile, photo spies were able to declassify the interior of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport cross-coupe. The first photos of the new model appeared on the web. In fact, the car is a modified version of the American Atlas.