New VW Golf: all its chips (even unnecessary)

New VW Golf: all its chips (even unnecessary)

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

When you go to the premiere of the car, you always wonder if it will look like its predecessor, or see something completely new. It usually comes out fifty to fifty. In the case of Golf of the eighth generation, there was almost no doubt: we are already used to the fact that each new generation of the Wolfsburg bestseller is not a revolution, but evolution. But Volkswagen surprised!

Before removing the cover, the guests were treated with a speech on the sky-high popularity of the Golf: since 1974, over 35 million copies have been sold. The most popular model in the segment named after itself. I will not argue, although the circulation of Corolla reached 45 million. However, the Japanese market is longer (the 12th generation is already in operation), and the Germans do not include the Jetta sedan in the statistics, while Toyota summarizes the versions with all the bodies.

The spirit of the times: under the rear emblem the name of the model is now displayed in large letters. Whether it is necessary?

The cover fell, and the Golf 8 appeared in all its glory and former dimensions: length 4280 mm, width 1789 mm, height 1456 mm. But it looks completely different. Perhaps this is the largest transformation of the exterior since the transition from round to rectangular headlights. A narrow radiator grill, head optics pulled far over the wings, mirrors on the legs and additional front scarves. A small design revolution and a big contrast with the new Jetta and her powerful face. But the Golf is still recognizable: no one has such rear roof pillars. And the silhouette can not be confused.

The interior is a big step forward. It is not analog, but digital. Fortunately, we managed to keep the feeling of comfort. Landing has become lower, which should appeal to active drivers.

Virtual dashboard and screen multimedia systems visually combined. The new Golf has a full-fledged projection of instruments on the windshield, and not a compromise retractable glass, as on the Passat.

From the driver’s seat it’s hard to believe that you are in golf. Of the usual – only the steering wheel from a restyled Passat. We say goodbye to classic scales – they were replaced by a virtual dashboard with a diagonal of 10.25 inches. There is only one physical button left on the center console – an emergency gang is tied to it. All others (including those responsible for controlling the headlights) are sensory.

The new MIB3 multimedia – with an 8.25-inch screen, but for a surcharge put 10.25-inch. Yes, voice control. If you want – play with the settings of the three-zone climate control (a rarity for the C-segment), if you want – change the color of the decorative backlight (30 options). There is also access to the Internet, allowing you to watch streaming video. Checked: works quickly and without hangs. There is only one minus: the connectors are still poorly distributed USB-C, you will have to use adapters.

The second row did not become more spacious. Yes, and why, because the wheelbase has changed by only a millimeter.

On versions with adaptive chassis, you can choose one of 15 levels of suspension stiffness. There is only one real button on the front panel – it manages an alarm.

Goodbye Leverage!

The usual DSG transmission selector was replaced by a miniature joystick the size of a cork from a bottle of wine. Another “trick” – touch control LED backlight. A short click turns on the “chandelier” at full power, but if you hold your finger, the brightness slowly fades – so you select the necessary light intensity.

The light control unit is a touch, for Volkswagen it is a curiosity. Versions with a DSG robot are equipped with a miniature selector. Like a toy!

In terms of advanced equipment, the new Golf has surpassed Passat. Here is a full-fledged projection display, and not a kutsey retractable glass. Park Assist tracks slots not only in the same direction, but also in the opposite direction: if there is free space, the system will tell you where to turn around. Front Assist will not let you turn left if a car is coming towards you. The Car2X system communicates with the same Golfs (other European cars do not supply it yet) at a distance of up to 800 meters. And if the “liaison” ahead, say, abruptly brakes, having buried in a traffic jam, the corresponding warning will light up in your car.

Of course, there is adaptive cruise control and a lane keeping system that operates at speeds up to 210 km / h. If you let go of the steering wheel and do not respond to visual and acoustic signals, Golf will turn on the emergency gland and smoothly slow down at the side of the road, and also unlock the doors – you never know what happened to the driver.

And diesel

The Eighth Golf is built on the well-known MQB platform. As before, for surcharge, instead of passive shock absorbers, you can get adaptive. The initial versions come with a rear twisting beam, modifications with engines with a capacity of 150 forces and higher – with a multi-link.

The Germans did not refuse diesel engines: a two-liter unit produces 115 or 150 hp. The base gasoline engine is a “three-pot”, with a volume of only one liter. Thanks to the turbocharging, in the initial version it develops 90 hp, in the accelerated one – 110. Next in the ranking are one and a half liter versions with a capacity of 130 or 150 hp. All gasoline engines can be ordered with a hybrid add-on – starter generator and an additional battery. Such versions are supposed to be 12% more economical.

Those who follow the ideals of Greta Tunberg can take a closer look at the plug-in hybrid versions that produce 204 and 245 hp. In Europe, these are likely to be popular.