New Volvo Maximum Speed ​​Limit: Dust From Marketers

New Volvo Maximum Speed ​​Limit: Dust From Marketers

March 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Before the Geneva Motor Show, the Swedish company made a loud announcement that will limit the maximum speed of its cars to 180 km / h on all models since 2020.

Recently, Volvo began to lose ground as the safest cars. The fact is that many customers considered Chinese investments from the new owner (Geely concern) of too low quality, which affects the safety of cars. The reputation of Chinese cars in the security segment is very low, and it significantly affects the Swedish company.

 In front of the international automobile salon in Geneva, Volvo made a statement that it continues to move towards zero mortality in an accident involving its cars. Therefore, from 2020, all models will receive a speed limit of 180 km / h. However, experts questioned the practical benefits of such a move, and suggested that this is only a marketing move.

 Today, many manufacturers limit the speed of their cars, but more often at around 250 km / h. Unfortunately, this does not affect the statistics of accidents, due to extremely rare cases of actual acceleration to such values. Most drivers never accelerate more than 200 km / h, or do it extremely rarely. Limiting to 180 km / h will also not affect the statistics.

Most accidents happen because of non-observance of speed limits, but only in urban conditions with much lower speed limits. The other two most common causes are drunk driving and distraction.

Meanwhile, concern from China, Geely, announced the launch of a new luxury Jiaji minivan, designed on the Volvo architecture and designed for six and seven seats in the cabin.