New Volkswagen ID.4 will be able to park without a driver

New Volkswagen ID.4 will be able to park without a driver

November 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The technology, which was first announced in 2018, is already on the European market on the Touareg, with plans to be installed on a Volkswagen EV in the US soon.

The German company introduced a special technology that allows the brand’s cars to park with one button on a smartphone remotely. This is the VW Remote Park Assist Plus app. This system is already on the Volkswagen Touareg SUV, and then it will appear on the brand’s electric cars.

Automakers have apparently come to the conclusion that drivers don’t like parking. As a result, Volkswagen decided to make it easier for car enthusiasts. All 2019 and newer Volkswagen models sold in the US are available with Park Assist as part of select packages.

Park Assist is a semi-automatic technology that allows VWs to maneuver in and out of a parking lot using the steering wheel, but the driver has to pedal to do so. However, the Touareg became the first (and so far only) VW capable of maneuvering without a driver in the cabin. The SUV can also park itself. The company called the upgraded technology Tech Park Assist with a remote control system.

The general process is the same both inside and outside the vehicle. First, when you are near a parking space, you press the P button on the infotainment screen. You then let the SUV use its four cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors to determine the available space, and then choose where you want the car to go. In the VW Remote Park Assist Plus app, the driver presses the Drive button and the car does its job. If you release your finger from the drive button, the Touareg stops moving. Otherwise, you keep it until the car is parked.

The Touareg can also leave its parking space when it’s time to leave, with one minor difference in the process. Through the app, you first start the car and then choose one of six locations to exit the maneuver (for example, straight back or forward to the left). Then you hold down the Drive button until the machine completes the maneuver.

VW says the Touareg can now use the remote control system to park “in all types of parking spaces,” which shows how far the technology has come in the past few years.